MyMLA.Online exists to instill confidence in voters by educating them with factual, reliable, and easy-to-understand political information in a their MLA Constrution. Our goal is to change the perception of politics to and able to register their grievances as well as their local MLA information is sought out and consumed to intract youth .

It is because participation from citizens in governance related matters makes our local elected MLA accountable. This means decisions on our local water supply, our roads, our sewage, our traffic, approvals for land use and zoning and so on.

While rural areas continue to struggle to have basic infrastructure and services which means ensure live ability, making it happen is not only responsibility of the government alone. The democratic process does not end with voting. We, the residents of a city’s locality are as much responsible for it as are our elected representatives and civic agencies, and need to take ownership of it as youngsters and a community.

Fixing our drains, our roads, our garbage, our water, our traffic. And this is what MyMLA.Online is all about; active participation and to make citizens life standout. MyMLA.Online keeps you up to date by providing transparent, truthful MLA works information and by offering a reliable alternative to biased and fake news and local constituency.